Monday, January 26, 2009

For Scott and Sherry, and of course, the Oopawat.

Having a baby is contagious. Really. I didn't exactly want kids until my friends had their first baby, and even now, 11 years later, when I look back at the pictures of me with that little guy, it's written all over my face. "Give me sperm, dammit, and let me give birth."
My friends Scott and Sherry resisted the pull of kids for a long time. Scott in particular seemed determined to avoid diapers, spit-up, and toddler tantrums. Everyone else was sure that these two needed kids. They loved the Terrors, and the Terrors will probably run away to live with Scott and Sherry someday. They watched Teletubbies. They sang, danced, and played on demand. But for some reason, they seemed content to go home at the end of the day, to their peaceful child-free home. Finally, June 2007, they caved. Let the procreation begin!
Sherry seemed to believe that the sheer force of her will would make her pregnant. I suggested that maybe she would have a little one by the next summer, and she all but bit my head off. "Um, NO! I'll have one sooner than THAT!! I'm planning on having my baby by March!!" Okay......
Long story short, Spencer arrived January 22, 2009. I'll leave the gory details out, but suffice to say, natural childbirth, particularly if it's because you are just too damn speedy for drugs, is not fun. Sherry sounded rather.....hoarse when she called me that evening. Like all new moms, her voice was tired, and her body exhausted. She had trouble putting together sentences. But when I asked her about her new baby boy, the pride and love was unmistakable. "He's perfect. He is absolutely beautiful." She sounded surprised and awed that the universe would give her this gift.
I spoke briefly to Scott, and in true male form he seemed completely unruffled. I did smile, though, when he said "Maybe I'm biased, because I'm his dad (long pause), but he doesn't look like other babies. He's cute!! Really, really cute!!"
Scott is right. When I first saw Spencer (or Oopawat, as he was known pre-birth), my first thought was "He is cute!" and after that, I just wanted to kiss him. He is adorable, and I can't wait for him to turn his parents into the wonderful parents they are dying to be.

Congratulations, Scott and Sherry!


Anonymous said...

It's Upuat, son of Set.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Scott and Sherry! And what a lovely, lovely post. They can print it up and put it in Spencer's baby book!

Anonymous said...

aww what a sweet post!
I can sympathize with the whole unwanted natural childbirth. I wanted the drugs but she as usual had it her way! lol
congrats scott and sherry!

Anonymous said...

I am typing this through tear-filled eyes while my precious little baby boy dozes next to me in his bassinette.
Looking back at the summer of 2007 when I was Determined to get pregnant, I have to chuckle.
I like to feel In-Control of things, but I now realise that many things are simply out of my control.
Thankfully, it did finally happen for us and I believe it happened when it was meant to be.

Thank you for your beautiful words, AverageMom!
You've touched my heart, truly.
We will need to print off that Blog Post for sure; its a keeper!

Mommy of Upuaut