Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've been playing around with cake decorating....it's addictive and fun! These two little cakes were just for practice.

This is the very first cake I made. I love the roses and the marble effect. I am not as thrilled with Hubby's contribution.

They look pretty, but they taste horrid!

The cupcakes were a project the Terror's helped with. They got to choose what decorations would go on each cupcake. Then, of course, they helped eat them!


APF said...

Wow, definitely not "Cake Wreck" material. You're very talented!

SSTyrner said...

Num num.
Gimmee good good cakies.
You good caker.
Me luv luv SET baby cakie!
Tanky tanx...

gmanSet said...

Wowee AM!
You are turning into quite the virtuoso!
The cake you gave to styrner was very good, but these ones from your site are looking quite awesome too!
I am wondering what you did with all your free time before caking...

Anonymous said...

NICE! Those roses are perfection! So glad you followed-up on the fondant post. :) And welcome back to Whitehorse!