Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back from the big city.

I'm back!!! Vancouver was lovely. Well, as lovely as rain can be. The MRI results will be in next week, but I'm sure it's all good.
I went shopping. So much shopping that my feet still hurt. I rode the sky train, the sea bus, and the city bus. Call me crazy, but I love public transportation. You don't have to worry about parking, and the stress of driving is not your problem. I am not shy, so I talk to all sorts of people while I watch the scenery. People in the big city of Vancouver are surprisingly friendly and helpful. Any time I asked directions, or for information, I was treated to smiles and helpful conversation.
The bed....oh, the bed. I slept like a baby in my delightful hotel room. I could really get used to having someone to clean up after me and make my bed every day!
It was so nice to breath damp air. My skin looked fantastic, my hair was soft, and my contacts never dried out. Mind you, my feet were wet the entire time I was there, and I went through two umbrellas, but seeing flowers and grass made it worth the cold toes.
Tomorrow is back to school. I feel rested and ready to face the busy semester. Now if only spring would show up....


WackyMummy said...

Glad you had a good time on your 'vacation'. Happy Spring! ;)

Don't Bug Me! said...

Shame you weren't here today - the weather was glorious!