Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This, that, and the other thing.

Few things irk me more than being forced to participate in public prayer, offered up by a First Nations elder, at every professional conference I go to.


Either I have started mumbling, or my entire family is going deaf.


Remember when I said I was loving Spring Break, and had no major plans? Change of plans. I'm going to Vancouver for an MRI next week.

Yes, I live in a town with no MRI machine, no neurologist, no psychiatrist, no orthodontist, and no you-name-it specialists.


I am done spring cleaning! Woo hoo!


My kids have the most beautiful laughter in the world.


Some men should NEVER be permitted to eat chili.


The sun is shining! Spring is coming! I will survive!

I am totally ashamed to admit, I spent close to an hour today browsing the stupid lol cat website. And yes, I even laughed aloud at a few of them.


I have done a nail treatment, a foot soak, shaved my legs, and done a chocolate mud facial mask. I'm feeling very girly.


I think I might be over-caffeinated. I have many, many words, but no paragraphs.


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

I am addicted to that damn cat website! And I think I need to follow your lead and shave my legs since spring (and baby) is coming!

Fawn said...

It's all the Cake Wrecks fault, isn't it? ;)

dogsled_stacie said...

I hear ya on the public prayer thing...

And yay!! SUNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

WackyMummy said...

Talk about random and all over the place. Love it!
Definitely hear you on the chili thing. ;)
Glad you're having so much fun. Take care... I hope your MRI is helpful.

WackyMummy said...

Btw: You're a KreativBlogger too!

AverageMom said...

Kara: I don't normally like those posters, since any grammar errors make my teeth hurt. But there I was, giggling and wasting time!
Fawn: You are totally right....it's the Cake Wreck site that did it to me!
Stacie: Don't even get me started. It makes me nuts, and I need my job too badly to rant about the whole mess of related issues.
Wacky Mummy: Random is a good description for my life right now! And what is a KreativBlogger?