Monday, April 13, 2009


Boys. I realize they are not the same creatures as girls, but lately, I'm wondering if they are even remotely related.
Boy Terror is obsessed with all things moving. Cars, trains, planes, anything. It all roars and races. Everything he does is accompanied by sound effects. "Zoom! Swoosh! Rrrrrrr, Rrrrrrrrrr" He runs down the hall. He jumps over the stairs. He is a race car driver, a helicoptor pilot, and a superhero.
There are crashes all over my house. He crashes into the walls. Cars crash into each other. The dragon from the castle smashes into the floor in an attempt to catch a bunny.
As far as I know, Boy Terror has never seen football. Yet, I heard him say this morning, "Look! A football! I love football!" He hasn't seen the movie Cars, but he wants clothes, jammies, and toys with the little red car on it. Why? Because according to him, that one is "the meanest car". Why is that a good thing? I don't know, I'm not a boy.
Every where he goes, there is noise. Sounds, shouting, singing, and general mayhem. He has two responses to the world around him. "Cool!" and "Awesome!" The only music worth listening to is rock (Of course, he has no idea of the criteria. I can tell him hymns are rock music, and he declares them "Cool!").
From what I've seen, little boys just grow into giant teenagers of the same thing. I'm not looking forward to the next 10 years.


dogsled_stacie said...

Hm, not sure about that - teenage girls are WAYYYYY worse than teenaged boys!!!! Something in the girls seems to snap at around 15/16 and they go loopy/crazy/cranky/moody/maniacal/etc!!!

Kitty said...

Just remember, little boys voices drop at some point, squealy little girls grow up into squealy big girls with (if possible) even more volume to their squealing. It's why, despite the matchbox car crashes and the growls of the duplo dino eating.. well anything, I'm glad I have a little boy =)

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Yes, I'm definitely seeing the teenager in The Boy even though he's only just turned 3! I guess it comes on gradually, and not all at once after all. That way, you get used to it in time. That's my theory anyway. Oops. Gotta run. I hear whining.

Ilona said...

Parent/step-parent of 8 here, ranging from 23 to 13 at the moment.

I remember watching my two stepsons playing with small cars, when they were, oh, 10 and 3 or something. You never SAW so much spit flying, what with all the "bpthththtptph" noises the cars were required to make, and the "SPEIXGL" noises when they crashed.

For about 8 years, those two just exuded noise. Often when their mouths were entirely closed. Which was not often.

I think boys have it all over girls in physically-generated sound, the hundering feet and the slamming doors and the crashing into things.

Girls, however, have it all over boys in words. LORDY, can those girls put out the verbiage. AT VOLUME. Always, when they're happy, accompanied by shrieks and giggles and "OHmyGAWD!!!" And of course, we want our kids to be happy, right?


Anonymous said...

BAWHAHAHAHA...because its funnier when someone else is going through it!!

sob sob sob...because this is where I am headed.....

sip sigh complain...this is us sipping cocktails on the much needed girls nights out we will have to have ALOT as our terrors get older!

SSTyrner said...

Maybe it is because I haven't lived all that noisey play yet, but it sounds kinda cute and fun.
It could also be my altered mind from being a new Mommy to a baby boy that makes me think all little boy antics are just cute.
I wonder if our little Upuaut will play like that when he gets older, or if he might be the quiet, sensative and introspective type.