Saturday, April 25, 2009

Excuses, excuses.

I know I've been negligent, but I have so many good excuses! Really!

The Terrors are sick. This is a common refrain from Girl Terror, who inherited my genes, but Boy Terror takes after his father, and rarely bothers to give in to the germs. When he does succumb, he does it with all his soul.
The basement is flooding. It's spring, you see, and all the snow in the neighborhood needs to go somewhere. My basement is the chosen destination. Every afternoon around 4, when the sun hits the side of the house, the water starts pouring in. Yes, we are trying to get this fixed, but until that happens, Hubby is outside pumping water out of the yard, and I am inside, vacuuming water off the floor, emptying the shop vac, and starting over. It's a real fun "together time" activity, I tell you.
School is suddenly crazy busy. Students are going on band tours, dance performances, and various other important trips, and each and every one of them asks me for homework as they run out the door.
That's really all the excuses I have. I know it sounds lame, but really! I've been thinking about you! I have posts half written in my head, and perhaps today after my annual pedicure I'll be able to think and write while vacuuming water.

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SSTyrner said...

I feel for you, Average Mom. It sounds like you are having a stressful time of it lately.
Thank you for checking in with us; we've missed you bunches!