Saturday, June 06, 2009

Common sense. Not so common.

This morning we (the Terrors and I, NOT their father) were cleaning the house. The kids have learned that yes, they must pitch in. And they must be cheerful about it. As they finish each job, they run to me and ask for another. The idea is, if we work fast, we will be done fast!
Boy Terror was running out of jobs. He's a bit harder to employ, since he seems to lack....what is that called....when you just know what to do? Ah yes. Common sense. Very absent in 5 year old boys.
I asked BT to get the brown laundry basket, and to put all the clothes from the floor (Hubby's side of the bed, I might mention) into the basket. Since I've worked with this child before, I knew to break this down into steps.
1. See the basket? Pick it up.
2. Go to Mummy's room.
3. See the clothes on the floor? Pick them up.
4. Put them in the basket.

At this point I must have been distracted, because I told him to also put the laundry from my closet floor with the stuff he'd collected. He said "Put it together?" and I said "Yes". I didn't elaborate. I foolishly thought it was clear. A few minutes later, I found ALL the dirty laundry, piled in my closet. The empty brown basket was beside the pile.
Zero common sense. I pity his wife already.


Anonymous said...

Hey!!! His wife just might be my daughter and if you remember we do not feel sorry for them as they will have children just like them!!! We will be the cool Grandma's sipping iced tea (laced with vodka) watching the chaos and destruction and laughing at our children trying to deal with it......aaahhh yes the dreams for the future!!

Anonymous said...

His logic makes perfect sense to me! "Mommy tells me what to do all the time! Must do exactly as Mommy says." Really common sense is based off of experience, and he is only 5.