Saturday, May 30, 2009


Girl Terror had her Dance Recital today (and last night). Too much fun!!! Okay, so the getting ready, and the backstage room with the crazy moms, and the 3 (THREE!) hour long program were all a bit much for my taste, but for 90 seconds or so it was a blast. Her class dressed as Raggedy Ann dolls, complete with red yarn hair. They danced, and twirled, and generally just oozed cuteness all over the stage. I think the highlight for Girl Terror was the fact that she got to wear make-up.
This is it for dance lessons. She may return to them some other year, but right now she says that next year she wants to sign up for gymnastics. That's fine with me. The rule is "One physical, one musical" for each child 6 years of age and up. I refuse to be a taxi, and I happen to think that unscheduled time is good for kids. Plus, I'm selfish. I don't feel like spending evenings and weekends going to various activities, none of which involve vodka.
Boy Terror sat remarkably still throughout the 3 (THREE!) hour long show today. Whenever he got bored I told him "Look! It's breakdancing!" and that got his attention. His little friend Josh is in breakdancing, therefore it is cool and amazing. Of course, Boy Terror now thinks that breakdancing can sometimes involve wearing a tutu. Hey, it kept him sitting still.
I'm pretty jealous of the talented teens I teach. They dance, they choreograph, and they teach the little ones. It looks so easy when they do it, but just watch. If I try to do it, my elbow will get dislocated, and I'll fall on my ass. Much better to just continue in my roll as an audience member.


Anonymous said...

That is The exact reason I am a dance Mom and not a dancer is the safety of those around

Don't they just make your heart sing these little moppets of ours, so proud, so graceful, so cute!!

Carole said...

I saw today's show and was very impressed. The Raggedy Ann dolls were certainly a highlight, and you put it very nicely: "they oozed cuteness all over the stage."

MaryP said...

One physical, one musical. Love it. My rule was similar: one physical, one non-physical, and for exactly the same reason. Racing around from one activity to the next in a stressed-out frenzy is NOT "enriching" your child's life. Enriching occurs in the putzing-about, unscheduled time that allows you to process the things you've done and to hear the thoughts in your own head.

Ooo. I hear a post...