Sunday, July 19, 2009

My mind went back to work last night.

Every summer, after school is out, we go through a "de-stressing" period. It takes both Hubby and I a week or more to fully relax and get into summer mode. Then for 6 blissful weeks, we are stress free. No school worries. Well, not exactly. Hubby is prone to random days of school stress throughout the summer, especially years like this one where he is headed into new subjects in the fall. He can't sleep, he looks worried, and he gets restless. But then it all goes away. Me, I usually am fine until August and then BHAM! I wake up, stressed and excited and ready to go. For some reason, though, this year I am freaking out early.
I couldn't sleep earlier this week. I spent waaaayyy too long going over lists of students in my head, trying to figure out who I will have in my classes. I am teaching a subject new to me, Communications 12, this year, and I am worried already. Last night I dreamt about the class, and it was horrible! Totally out of control!
If I am already stressing, in July, things do not look good for August.


dogsled_stacie said...

Maybe you're just getting it out of your system early? And you'll be FINE in August!! :-)

Sara said...

I left waitressing to avoid the awful nightmares of all the tables coming in at once, only to come to teaching where the nightmares involve trying to "wing" subjects that are completely unfamiliar and kids that are totally out of control. I don't know which is worse. But I do know that you will do a fantastic job (which I also know doesn't provide any kind of comfort in July).