Tuesday, August 18, 2009

End of summer.

Wow, summer just flew by, didn't it?! I know that yes, we still technically have a few weeks left, but for me it's pretty much over. I'm going to work tomorrow. And the next day. Probably the one after that, too. I'm more than ready. By this time of the year, I really miss school! I start to dream about my classes, I wonder what students I will get, and I miss the camaraderie of the staff room. So, for that part of the "end of summer", I'm excited.
Here's the not so good part. My baby boy is going to school this year. My baby, my snuggle butt, my littlest one, is a Big Boy now and is headed off to kindergarten. I was sad when Girl Terror hit this stage, too, but this time it feels worse. I was excited for her, and she'd been talking about school for years before she finally went. Boy Terror, on the other hand, has just recently started to show some enthusiasm. Don't get me wrong, he's happy and excited, he just didn't bother getting worked up about it years in advance.
I am not ready. Once he goes through those doors, he's gone from me in a totally new way. He will have new friends. He will never be my "baby" again. I might very well cry.

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