Saturday, August 22, 2009

They must get it from their father...

Last night at supper, Boy Terror demonstrated that he is more than ready for kindergarten. He counted by 3's to twenty-one, with only one prompt from me. He counted by 4's to twenty-four. He counted by 5's to thirty. When we asked him to count by 6's, he got to twelve, and then declared "Twelve! That's four threes!!". Then he was stuck. He guessed seventeen. He does not have this memorized. We can see him doing the math in his head.
Lately he has also been starting to read. He knows that we sound out the words, and he does a pretty good job! So far, his biggest obstacle is that he keeps trying to read words backwards. He's not reading, really, yet, but it's right there, on the tip of his brain.
I think we are so surprised because as a second child, he just hasn't gotten the same attention as his sister did. So we don't see the process, just the results.
I'll be honest....I suck at math. Really. In college I had to take Bonehead Math, also known as Math for Elementary School Teachers, in order to be sure that I would not make a fool of myself in front of my students. The math skills both Terror have shown MUST come from their father. I'll take credit for the cute, though!


Meandering Michael said...

This entry was totally not what I expected after reading the title. Making a mess, smelling bad, or saying rude things as traits inherited from a father, maybe, but not an actual complement. We dad's take a lot of flack, sometimes. Thanks for giving a dad some positive credit!

Mrs. Falkenberg said...

Michael, I can say for a fact that my husband is a top notch father! I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before on this blog what an amazing dad he is.
And yes, you are right. I notice a lot lately that TV, movies, and other media are fond of making fun of men in general. Not a trend I appreciate.

Anonymous said...

I just can't beleive your baby is starting Kindergarten!! But I can vouch for her hubby he is a wonderful father as she is a wonderful mother!!