Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Questions from the peanut gallery

Thanks, Fawn and Kara!

Fawn asked: Questions...
- What made you decide to pursue teaching as a career? Was it what you always wanted to do?
- Have you always lived in Whitehorse? Have you ever lived in another country?
- What's something you'd like to learn to do?
- Dog person or cat person?
- Do you have a garden? If yes, what do you grow in it?

1. I've always, always wanted to be a teacher. I loved school my whole life, and I couldn't imagine ever leaving! Plus, growing up as a preacher's kid, everyone just assumed I would become a teacher and marry a minister. Ha!!
Originally, I was an English teacher. I have my degree in Secondary English. I love teacher English, but I love being employed even more, so when the chance came along for me to teach CAPP (Career and Personal Planning), I jumped at it. I think my personality is really well suited to the job. I spend my days talking to teens about life, growing up, and all the fun stuff. Then I send them off to math class!

2. Hubby was born and raised in the Yukon. After we got married, I agreed to move up here for two years, to give it a shot. That was in 1998. I'm still here, and I suspect I'm here for life!
I'm originally from the East Coast. My heart is always going to be in Nova Scotia! After we got married, we moved to South Korea for 14 months. It was the absolute best experience for two newly married, recently graduated teachers.

3. I want to learn to play the cello. I used to say that I would take the time to learn while I was pregnant, but now that we have two kids, and NO MORE on the way, I'll have to change the plan. If anyone has a cello out there that they'd like to loan me, let me know!!

4. I'm a dog person, living with a cat person. So I have a cat. I love my kitty, I really do, but I want a dog sooooo much!

5. I don't have a garden. I'd like one, but since the house is for sale, and I keep foolishly hoping it will sell, I haven't even planted flowers this year.

There! Thanks, Fawn! And Kara, once school starts up again, I'm sure I'll have more stories for you!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

My hubby is from NS as well! We are heading there the end of September for three weeks.

Janet said...

What part of N.S. are you from? I'm from the Kentville area of the Annapolis Valley. Like you, my heart is still there. I actually inherited the family farm and am struggling as to what to do with it, since it's obviously difficult to manage from up here. I have tenants but no one is farming the land, which makes me sad.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Matt grew up in Glace Bay, but his folks are now in New Waterford.

Fawn said...

Hi AM! We were away for a week in the NWT, so I'm just reading this post now. That was fun! It's nice getting to know you a little better.

And guess what? I've heard great things about you as a teacher. Someone mentioned that her son had to take care of a "baby" for a week (or however long it was) so I got to hear a bit about that assignment and you got a glowing review along with it. :)