Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aidan Aidan everywhere!

When Girl Terror was born, we gave her a name that we knew might cause problems in the future. Aidan is typically a boy name, but it suits her perfectly. I remember feeling a twinge of concern, though, when the nurse told me that in the room next to us, a little boy had been born the day before. And his name was Aidan.
Flash forward 7 years. Girl Terror is in grade 2. There is a little boy in her class named...Aidan! And he has red hair, just like her! And freckles, just like her! AND his birthday is just one day before hers!
I was worried for nothing. The two little red-haired Aidans think this is the coolest thing ever. I personally want them to grow up and get married, just to see the look on the census taker's face.


Allmycke said...

Have something against census takers??? :-D

Sara said...

That's cool.
There was a couple in People magazine a couple weeks ago who actually had the same first and last names. They met on Facebook after she searched her name and then introduced herself to him. She said the best part was that she didn't have to change her name afterward.

SSTyrner said...

I recently had a similar situation.
When our baby boy was born the nurse asked us what we named him. We told her 'Spencer'. She replied, "There is another baby boy just down the hall named 'Spencer'."
Then yesterday we ran into the little boy's mom. Turns out her son was born just a few days before our baby.