Monday, November 16, 2009

Right, Mummy?!!!

I stayed home today with Boy Terror. All weekend he was sick with a fever, headache, sore throat and fatigue. He was extremely pathetic, but oh so cute! I figured a day with a quiet little snuggle butt would be lovely.
I forgot. He's a boy. He woke up this morning and was AWAKE! ALIVE!! ALERT!!! New plans...we need to be busy, apparently.
We decorated a cake. We made a crock pot supper, and biscuits. We hung snowflakes from the ceiling, did laundry, and went for a walk to the mailbox. This is what it all sounded like:

"Hey, Mummy, is it time to decorate the cake? Are you ready for me to do my job? Hmm, Mummy? Ready now? Is it a white cake? A chocolate cake? A brown cake that is not chocolate? Who is it for? Why? Ready? Put the flowers here? I'm a good helper, right Mummy? Are we done already, Mummy?"

"This is fun! Mummy, isn't this fun? I like peeling carrots. Why? Why should I turn it over? I'm doing great, right Mummy? Carrots and yams are the same colour. I wonder if they are related. Maybe they are. Who knows. Do you know Mummy? I'll chop the carrot now, okay? Oh. Okay, I'll wash potatoes. If potatoes grow in the ground, how do they see the sun? What are they made of? Why are they good for me? My sleeves are wet, but that's okay, right Mummy? This smells good! We smell with our noses, right Mummy? It's molecules floating in the air, right Mummy? If molecules are close together they are solid, but if they are all apart they are liquid, or even gas, right Mummy?"
we interrupt this monologue for a song about molecules.

I love these snowflakes, Mummy. Snow is a solid from water, which is a liquid, right Mummy? Why does hair grow? Where does it start? I can hand you the snowflakes, okay Mummy? I think they all look very nice hanging there. If we had 14, they would go all the way to the wall. We only have 7, though, so only half the ceiling gets snowflakes. I grew again, right Mummy?"

These clothes are wet, right Mummy? They go in the dryer. Where do the water molecules go from in the dryer? I have 17 socks. If I had 18, I could have 9 pairs. But I don't. Plus, look, Mummy, these socks do not match. But that's okay, right Mummy?"

"IT'S SNOWING OUT HERE!!! MUMMY!!!! IT'S SNOWING OUT HERE!!! Our street is a long street, I think. Mummy? What do you think? Can we see the mailbox from here? Do you think Tiki is playing with my marbles while we are outside? What did we get in the mail? How do you know which is our mailbox? Mummy, look. Dirt in the snow. Now, how do you suppose that happened?"

"Why do you need a nap, Mummy? Aren't you too old for naps? I'm too old for naps, right, Mummy? Right?!"


koreen (aka: winn) said...

ROFLMAO! Seriously, this never stops? I thought only Evan went on like this. But his questions are ALWAYS "How fast does [insert name of dinosaur] run" or something about dinosaurs. It's rough. That's when you need liquor. The hard stuff.

Mrs. Falkenberg said...

I don't think it ever ends. It always catches me off guard because normally, he's such a quiet kid! Then when you get him alone, with no big sister, the words just come pouring out.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

So that is what I have to look forward to.... Yep, I will need alcohol!

Sara said...

Too funny.
Now you need a sick day to recover from his!