Monday, November 09, 2009

Quality parenting.

We have started teaching the Terrors to play poker. Might as well make them earn their keep, right?
So far, it's the most entertaining thing Hubby and I have ever seen. We are positive these are both our children, they came from the same genes, but their poker styles could not be different.
Girl Terror has a poker face to make her famous. She gives away nothing. She and Hubby were in a hand together, and after the flop I pointed out to her that her Daddy had raised the bet. If she didn't have a hand to beat a pair of aces (one ace was on the flop) she should consider folding. She scowled at me, scowled at her cards, and bet. The little bugger had the pair of aces!!
Boy Terror has no idea what his cards are. Sometimes they are good. Sometimes not as good. But he bets like he has all the money in the world, and it totally works. The kid has horseshoes out his ass. Mainly he just likes to play with the chips.
Due to my upbringing, I fully expect to go straight to hell, no stopping in purgatory, no collecting $200. Cards are evil, poker is the devil's game, and I am corrupting the youth. I'm trying to see it as a fabulous math lesson, but at the same time I'm watching for the lightening strike.