Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dammit, I think I'm aging.

I recently turned 39. It kind of snuck up on me, you know? Maybe because for two years I refused to accept the fact that I was 30. I was fooling myself into thinking "I'm not aging! Look! I'm still a spring flower!". But the reality is, I see.....The Signs.
My hairdresser has informed me that my natural hair colour is now beige. Not a pretty silver, or dignified white, or even grey. Beige. Like the walls in a boring office. Guess who will be dyeing their hair forever and ever?!
I spent ages staring into the mirror the other night, trying to figure out why I have giant crevices on either side of my mouth. Somehow, I thought my wrinkles would be delicate, and perhaps confined to places no one ever sees. Nope. My mouth now has a yucky wrinkle on each end, pointing down towards my double chin.
What really brought the whole "aging" thing to light was when I noticed vertical grooves appearing in my fingernails. I thought that perhaps my diet was lacking in calcium. Maybe I need more hand lotion. I googled, and when I didn't get the results I wanted, I googled again. Know what causes vertical grooves in your fingernails? AGE. GETTING OLD. I was not pleased. Especially since while I was staring at my nails in horror, I noticed the wrinkles all over my hands. Arrghhhhhhh!
Moral of this rambling tale? I don't remember. I'm getting old, and it makes me cranky.


koreen (aka: winn) said...

Me too. :(

dogsled_stacie said...

Oh gawd, I hear ya!!! I'm in the same boat and will be freakin' kicking and screaming as the BIG 4-0 approaches. I was fine for all of my 30's actually. In the last 8 months or so, it's really hit me and I've been reminiscing about the good ol' days like I'm 80... *sigh*

Fawn said...

Funny, I've had vertical grooves on my nails for years. But of course, I am also graying prematurely, which is typical of Asians, I am told. Actually, I've been trying to decide whether to blog about my brilliant idea to just dye a white streak in my hair, since all my natural gray is bizarrely all in one section.

Ms. Mourre said...

I turned 40 not too long ago. When I came home from work last night I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe what I saw - the slightest sag, the slightest start of jowls! The lower cheek area starting to sag a little bit. Holy crap!