Friday, February 05, 2010

My baby boy can READ!

I may have talked about this before. Sorry if I'm repeating myself! Suddenly, I understand why people use tags.

We are now officially a household of readers. Boy Terror caught the bug, and he's been buried in a book all week. I knew he could read, he's been sounding out signs all over town, but now he's reading books. BOOKS, people! I love it!
Growing up, I loved reading. It was a great escape from my family, it was a way to see the world, and it was something that I didn't have to share. Because I loved it so much, my mother was against it. I only went to the library when I was staying at my friend's place in the summer. I kept a book hidden under the foot of my bed, until one day she found it, and tore it apart. I still haven't finished Ben Hur. In grade 12, I moved into a dorm, and I still remember the thrill of realizing I could stay up late...past 8:30!...and read!!
I think the best thing a parent can do is encourage a love of books. As a teacher, I can always pick the readers out of the group. They get higher marks. They have a greater vocabulary. The kids who don't read worry me, because I know they are missing out on so much.
He's five, he's cute, and he can READ!!


Fawn said...

Hurray for Boy Terror! I hope he remembers to sleep sometime. ;)

AM, you break my heart with these posts. You don't sound sorry for yourself at all, just matter-of-fact, but I am shocked nonetheless. You: are awesome.

Mrs. Falkenberg said...

Thanks, Fawn. I really do not feel sorry for myself. Sometimes I forget that my childhood might even be shocking! I think everything that happened helped create the person I am today, and I feel pretty proud.
I figure you and I must travel on completely different schedules, to have never met in public yet!

MorahMommy said...

I love to read and I am glad that it has rubbed off a little on to my kids.

We started something this year (have not been as consistant since winter break) where we everyone in the family spends 20 minutes reading (no tv, computers, game). It's kind of nice!

Happy Friday and Happy reading Boy Terror!

Lisa said...

That is awesome! Reading is such a wonderful way to escape. I did a lot of that myself as a escape. :)

Just read your comment on Y's post about bananas, and because I was thinking the exact thing you wrote (smear each bite with peanut butter) and I actually do that myself, I had to see who thinks like me. :O)

Have a great rest of your week,

Kait au Lait said...

Congrats! R-Spot just started reading to me too - she just turned 5 in December. =D I'm the proudest ever too!

Fawn said...

Hey, I rarely go back to read comments on blog posts, but I thought today I'd work my way back on some of yours. Stacie's comment on your waxing post just about killed me!

There's a guy in town who I went to high school with (in Iqaluit!); I don't know him well, as he was two years behind me, so we haven't made an effort to get together. And we have NEVER run into each other in the five years I've lived here. Until Rendezvous. He spotted me in a crowd (the Big Band, on a break from our dance gig, watching the fireworks) and was too shy to interrupt to say hello.

So, amazingly, it does happen!