Sunday, March 21, 2010

Opening up

A commenter asked me not long ago how I manage to write about my life, opening up my stories for the general public.
I think it helps that my adopted parents do not read this blog, so far as I know. I have thought through the fact that someday they might find this blog. I know that I'm treading a fine line between anonymous and public. Sometimes I say things that make people uncomfortable, and if my parents were to become readers here, I would end up censoring my writing.
I share my stories for a reason. I want people to stop being ashamed of sexual abuse. I think if we talked about incest more, it would happen less. Emotional and psychological abuses run rampant, and nobody says a word. If just one person reads my writing and feels less alone, that will be enough for me.
Depression is another huge topic that everyone is familiar with, if not personally, then in someone else they know. I want to take away the secrecy and encourage people to get help. There is no need to be ashamed, and it doesn't mean there is "something wrong with you" in the head.
Naturally there are some topics that are off limits. I might talk about my family, but my marriage is not your business. I will never write something about my children that I wouldn't want them to read in 10 years. I am careful of what I say regarding my job...I want to stay employed, after all!
I spent too many years being silent, hiding, and being ashamed. Not any more.


juli233 said...

I have always admired your open honesty. I agree with you, talking about issues within our lives helps us to conquer fears and shame!

koreen (aka: winn) said...

I know certain members of my family and some of the in-law family members read my blog, and that seriously crimps my style. I can't say what I really think and feel. And in fact, I've already gotten crap for some of the things I've written. I guess the one thing that has become my greatest hold on my sanity pisses people off.
I hope your family never reads this so that you can continue to be honest and open. Good luck.

Sara said...

I often wonder what my blog would be like if it was more anonymous. There are so many times when I would love to say what I really think. Instead I must ensure that I remain vague enough to avoid offending. I admire your courage and your honesty. I agree that abuse that has been inflicted upon us, is not our secret to keep. We are only protecting the guilty and prolonging our own healing...

Meandering Michael said...

Right on. Write on!

BethinBC said...

Finally figured out what I was doing wrong with commenting on the blog!!!
I love this ....I'm very proud of you!