Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Shamelessly making my friends do my writing for me.

As you may have noticed, I'm stuck with writer's block. And the longer I wait to put something here, the worse it gets. Nasty cycle! So I asked my facebook friends for suggestions. Here are the ideas they sent:

Marc said: "ok. The only thing people love more than hero's is watching them fall."

Shereen: "Write about why you need to write in a blog?"

Buffy: "me....just kidding lol and hurry up I miss it!!"

Sherry: "Early spring in the Yukon"

Barb: "okay I know I am getting older but am vain enough to think that Mother Nature has treated me kindly. Yes I murmur prayers to the memory of the creators of hair colouring products but other than that have gone the natural root - oh excuse me that is route.

We were on an sunset cruise in Mazatlan and was chatting with a woman who in the course of the conversation asked me "Who does your botox? They do great job."

Needless to say I must have looked like a large fish out of water with all the gum flapping. It took a bit of thinking to decide if this was a complement, a slam, ignorant, whatever ... answers; yes, no, obviously.

So a comment on what are the accepted topics of conversation in a social situation. As an "older" woman I know things have changed but I seemed to have missed a memo or two. ;o]."

So there you have it. Wisdom and wit from my friends around the world. I promise I'll be back again with something real, but this is it for now!

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