Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Watch your mouth

One of the "side effects" of being a teacher is that I feel the need to "shush" people. This would be okay if I only did it in school. Or if I only shushed kids. But no, I am a teacher 24/7 when it comes to some things. In the theatre, I have no problem at all turning and giving the annoying people behind me "the look", and asking them to turn off their cell phones. I have been known to ask teenagers in public to watch their language, please. If my children are in the vicinity, I get downright vigilant about the foul words.
This doesn't mean I personally don't swear. In fact, high school teachers have some of the worst potty mouths of anyone. After all, we spend all day listening to some very creative phrases. I say things that I hope my children never hear. It's when I think those little ears are nearby that I get squirrely.
One night this past week, I think I might have stepped over the line from "protective Mummy" to "crazy lady". I was using my computer in the dining room, and Hubby was in the living room, watching TV. The Terrors were playing all over the house, the way only small children know, where they aren't in any one room, because they are in all of them? With one ear I was listening to Bill Maher on TV. He entertains me even if I sometimes disagree with his point of view. Suddenly, Bill let loose with a passionate string of creative words.
"AHH! Stop! Shush!!"
Oh right. It's TV. He can't hear me...
"Watch your language! Hey!!!" This time, accompanied by hand and arm flapping.
Crap. Yelling at the TV again...
"Why must you use those words???! Nice words, please!"

Yes. New low. Yelling at Bill Maher, on TV, from my dining room, to watch his mouth. Crazy lady territory.

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dogsled_stacie said...

haha, yep crazy lady territory!!!!