Friday, April 09, 2010

Not a blog-worthy week.

I swear, I haven't forgotten the blog world. I've just been occupied in the "real" world lately. Here's a brief rundown of the last week and a half:

Wednesday: I blogged! See? I did remember you! I also sat through a torturous Professional Development Day, and had an evening of parent-teacher interviews.

Thursday: No school. More parent-teacher interviews. Well, in theory. The reality is, if parents do not show up to meet me I just sit there, smiling stiffly, wondering how much longer I can be polite.

Friday: I'm sure I did important things....Oh! I remember! Hubby came down with the flu! Right after I cleaned the toilet!!! Poor guy. We had to cancel poker, so I went and saw a horrid movie with friends. What, you thought I stayed home and played Florence Nightingale?

Saturday: Yummy turkey dinner with friends!! Poker night!

Sunday: Happy Easter! Hoppity, hoppity. I don't really have an excuse. I just didn't blog.

Monday: I had plans to go get my passport photo, and all sorts of other fun things. Instead, I got the flu. See, that's why I don't like to be nice to sick people. They give you germs.

Tuesday: No idea what I did. I went to work. No excuse for not blogging.

Wednesday: I thought about blogging. But I'm lazy.

Thursday: Still no blog. But! I got a cell phone! My very first one! Yay me! Now I just need to learn how to use it....

See? Boring life. Nothing to write about. Lots of words, but no deep thoughts. Have a good weekend, and I'll work on finding something interesting to write for next week.

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SSTyrner said...

Hello AverageMom,
If I may...I would like to request a Blog Topic.
Can you share some of your experiences and tips about the trials and tribulations between a husband and wife when they become parents?