Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boy Terror turns six.

Boy Terror is six years old today....amazing. Suddenly, he is a boy. Tutus have become superman capes. Every vehicle makes a loud noise. Superheros have taken over his mind. Sadly, he has started refusing to hug and kiss me in public. This, of course, breaks my heart, but he's so cute and adorable I keep forgiving him.
Recently he informed us of his career plan changes. He is now in training to be a world champion Olympic weight lifter. I am actually encouraging this plan, since it requires vegetables and meat to grow muscles.
Going to kindergarten has given my baby a whole new world of friends and struggles, french and playground politics, vocabulary and problem solving. He's changed and grown so much it's hard to believe it's only been 8 months since I sent him off, worrying about finding the right bathroom.
My hope for him is that he will always be happy. Every morning he will wake up laughing. The love of his life will love him back passionately. And he will always remember to hug his mother.


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Life As I Know It said...

they change so quickly at this age, don't they? My 8 year old will still hug me when I come into his school to volunteer, but I'm sure that will end next year.

Enjoy every minute with you cute little boy!