Saturday, June 12, 2010

He kissed a girl

My baby boy got off the bus last week and said "Mummy, I finally did it. I kissed Kara. On the lips!" and bounced off. Sigh.
I should have seen this coming. Kara gave him a ring a few days before Kissing Day, and told him he had to marry her. He thought it sounded like a fine plan, and kept that ring on his finger for 4 days. He would still be wearing it, but it fell off in a friends yard, and he was heartbroken. Turns out he worried for nothing...Kara still loves him.
When I told Hubby about the kissing, he said "Well, I guess now we know he's not gay." Um, no. He might just be rebelling, who knows???
I guess the point is, my baby kissed a girl, and while I'm glad he told me about it, I am concerned that if he's already kissing in kindergarten, what sort of trouble will he be getting into by high school???

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SSTyrner said...

Oh my goodness!!
This is definately a Blog-worthy event!
Has Girl Terror kissed a boy yet?