Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer so far.

Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?? That's my excuse for neglecting this blog. It's summer, and I'm having too much fun to sit still and write!

So...what's new....hmmm. Not much, actually! Hubby taught Girl Terror how to play Settlers of Catan last night, and she caught on very quickly. I think we might have a game fanatic on our hands. Hubby has been waiting for years for the kids to be old enough to play board games with him, and last night he finally got his wish. A little gamer, right here in his own house!!

Boy Terror is reading. I'm not sure what level he reads at, since I haven't tested him, but I know he's reading chapter books far beyond the kindergarten leve. I would guess a grade two level. I would worry about him not getting any exercise, but reading IS exercise the way he does it. He starts by sitting on the couch with his book. Wiggle wiggle. He sllliiiiiides down to the floor. He rolls over onto his back, waving one leg in the air. Then onto his tummy, scratches his head, picks his nose, wiggles around, and alternates between lying flat on his tummy and pulling his legs under himself to stick his butt in the air. Eventually, he wiggles across the room. He gets up, and wanders to another room, sits on the floor, and starts again. Oh, and in all this, he never puts down the book. He actually seems surprised when he comes to the surface and finds himself in a new location. I've only interfered twice...once when he was headed for the stairs, and once when I caught him reading while peeing. No WONDER the walls get sprayed!!

We've gone camping, we've driven to several lakes, and today the Terrors have a playdate with two of their school friends. Good summer so far. No time to write. Sorry!


koreen (aka: winn) said...

So funny! I can't wait until my boy starts reading. I'll bet he won't be a sit there quietly and just read kind of boy either. =)

Next time you're down here, you, hubby, Girl Terror, me and mine will have a Settler of Catan extravaganza!

Sara said...

Ha. Ha. I love the way he reads. I have always wished that reading was listed as one of the "high calorie burning activities" alas I will have to stick with biking for that.

Fawn said...

Ahahahaha! You're awesome! Teach him to sit down if he must read while he pees. Although you may find the bathroom takes much longer to be vacated. LOL

With you on the summer thing. Summer is not for blogging. :)

♥ Gloria said...

Hahahahaha ... I love how Boy Terror reads! I have a couple of readers like that myself, although I have to say that your's seems to be a little bit more "Terror" then mine! ... Glad you are having such a great summer Tammy!