Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Odd little people

My friends think I have weird kids. I admit, sometimes they are a bit....odd. Different from the usual kids.
For example, earlier this week we went to Subway for supper. There was no regular milk left, so I broke down and got the Terrors a chocolate milk to share. Yummy!! Girl Terror drank about half her milk, and then told me "Mummy, I am not drinking the rest of my chocolate milk, because I know you bought us a chocolate egg treat for after supper."
During that same meal, Boy Terror looked up from a loooong moment of gazing into space, and asked "Mummy, do you think that direction is east?" I had no idea (really, why would I know that?!) so he asked his father. Indeed it was east. "That's what I thought," said Boy Terror before going back to his sandwich. What was going on in that little boy brain? Why did he need to know the direction? No idea. I've given up trying to understand.

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Anonymous said...

Odd maybe, cute definitely! But just think of this it is usually the odd/weird kids who do great things in life like invent microsoft or discover a new planet. Just saying!!

Buffy...mom to a Diva, a future politician, a future "pool boy" and a momma's boy ;)