Sunday, June 19, 2011

Girl Terror turns 9.

Girl Terror celebrated her ninth birthday this weekend.  She doesn't actually turn 9 for another week, but scheduling forced us to party early.
This past year, she has grown, and changed, and is becoming her own person in so many ways.  She is starting to show a bit of attitude (which I do NOT appreciate!).  Her parents are not nearly as funny as they think.  Her brother apparently needs a lot of correction.
The birthday party theme this year was "Rainbows".  Basically, she wanted all bright colours.  Grandma Beth sent her a dress that fit right in...
We planned her cake ages ago.  She drew a detailed plan, and I agreed to try a rainbow cake, no fondant.  It was SUPPOSED to be covered with wiggly rainbow stripes, in bright colors.  But when I was putting the layers together to decorate, I realized why I don't usually use basic cake mixes:

I doctor mixes, add to them, and basically use them as a base for my cakes.  This one, I simply followed the directions.  It did not go well.  When I picked them up, they fell apart.  The poker boys were thrilled, since it meant free cake.  I was less thrilled, since it was 9:00 pm on Friday night, and I needed this cake finished before I went to bed.
So I did something I am horrified to admit....I went to the store, bought premade sponge cakes, and slapped them together.  I decorated them, so they are "homemade", right?!
The girls loved them...everybody got their own miniature cake, and everyone blew out a candle and made a wish.
  I still can't believe this amazing child of mine is growing up so fast.  She's smart, beautiful, and full of life.  I love you Girl Terror!  Happy Birthday!


Winn (aka Koreen) said...

She's such a girly girl! I love it. :D

And so adorable. How do you stand it!?

Fawn said...

Beauty! Both your girl and the mini-cakes! Happy birthday, GirlTerror!

Anonymous said...

hhmmm was the box of kleenex by the fallen cake a fluke???

I cannot believe it....9, its so well, old and so (shedding a few tears here) close to 10.
Although on behalf of most mothers to 8 going on 9 year olds we giggle behind our hands at you because FINALLY you join the club of Mothers of daughters with little attitudes!! Welcome and buckle up it shall be a long and bumpy ride!!!