Friday, June 17, 2011

Haircut Rules

Most women know the basic rules of cutting hair.  Last night, for a variety of weak reasons, I broke them all...
-I cut my OWN bangs.
-while they were wet.
-I smooshed my hair down on my forehead, ensuring that they would sproong back up to the middle of my skull after the trim.
-PMS.  Not the appropriate hair-cutting time of the month.
-I was time, I will sleep during the night, and only cut hair during the day.
-I did NOT gently trim away bit by bit.  Nope.  I hacked it off with one big swipe of the scissors.

The good news is, most people either lie to me all the time, or it really doesn't look that bad.  I teach teens, and they tend to be merciless when it comes to critiquing.  Mind you, most of my students were more impressed by the fact that I not only OWN a straightening iron, I actually USED it this morning!

If you see me around town and I look different, don't worry.  It's just my glowy white forehead, out in the sun for the first time in decades.

1 comment:

Fawn said...

Ahahaha! Maybe people are happy to finally be able to see your face! ;)