Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My girl is growing up!

Back when Girl Terror first asked about getting her ears pierced, we said "not now" and "when you are older" and her father said "when you are 20 years old".  She wasn't really bothered, since her best friend told her it HURT!  and she CRIED!! 
I'm not sure what changed, but a few weeks ago, she declared herself ready for pierced ears.  Off we went, to let strangers stab holes in my baby girl.  She was very brave.  The technicians were smart, and did both ears at the same time.  Aren't those cute little sparkly daisies?!
I think this feels like a bigger deal to me due to my own childhood.  We weren't allowed to wear jewelry.  My older sister pierced her ears in high school, and when my father saw, he made her take the studs out immediately so her ears grew over.  She was grounded for the rest of the summer.
My parents have never seen me wearing jewelry.  I have two earrings in each ear.  I actually used to make jewelry.  I wear nail polish, makeup, and sparkles.  I will look gooood when I get to hell.

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koreen (aka: winn) said...

LOL! You're so not going to hell! And if you are, sounds like my kind of place. :D

Brave little girl terror. I didn't get mine done until I was 20. (I did a lot of firsts when I was 20!) It's really not that big a deal. Now, I've told Evan he can't get his ears pierced until he's a teenager. He's happy with that. ;)