Tuesday, August 02, 2011


We went camping last week, and it was a blast.  Well, most of it.  There were a few moments....
Our friends Ken and Wendy found a perfect spot on the edge of a lake.  Not in a campground, so there were no other campers around.  Sheltered, pretty, and basically just enough room for a few families.  Them, us, and Wendy's parents.  Perfect!  We set up our tent and proceeded to relax.  The kids were in the lake, out of the lake, in the lake.  The adults were enjoying some truly spectacular food and company.  Even hearing a bear or two didn't dim our enthusiasm.  I happen to LOVE camping...the fire, the visiting, the chilly noses in the morning...it's all good.
Unfortunately, this camping trip did not go so well.  I woke up around midnight the first night to puke.  And I continued to do so every few hours until morning.  Puking at home is not fun.  Puking while camping is a completely different level of Not Fun.  Rolling off the air mattress, finding shoes, stumbling out of the tent and into the bushes....all with Lucy the Dog right on my heels.
The next morning we decided that it might be best if I went home.  Hubby and the Terrors would continue the fun with our friends, and I would take Lucy and slink home to bed.  Sad, but probably the best idea.
Hubby and Ken emptied the car for me, and slammed the trunk shut...on the keys.  Specifically, on the button on the key that locks the car.  Locking the car.  With the keys safely inside.
Keys.  In the car.  Sick wife, outside the car.
Ken was very enthusiastic about bouncing on the back of the car, making the key click and the car honk (proving that yes, indeed, it was locked!).
How do these things happen????  And yes, if you know me in real life, I realize that they DON'T happen to just anyone, and that I have a special skill for the unlucky...
Luckily, Wendy's dad was going back into town for some propane, and offered to take me along.  Great!  But....the keys.  They are in the car.  The HOUSE KEY is in the car.
Since we regularly do stupid things, a number of our friends have house keys.  I took Hubby's phone, and started calling around as soon as we got within cell range.
I'm very lucky Wendy's dad was willing to drive all over the place with a sick lady.  He took me home, we picked up spare car keys, and back out to the lake I went. 
Lucy and I finally made it home by 3:30.  It was a long day of NOT camping, but at least we made some memories.


wendy said...

Yep we'll never forget that one!

Anonymous said...

BAWHAHAHAHAHA and people ask why I hate camping (not including the fact of 4 kids and a clueless hubby) stuff like that would happen to me.....repeat these words...hotel on a tropical island!!!