Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sleep. I like it.

It is summer vacation, and I would like to be sleeping.  Seems reasonable, right?!
While we were gone on vacation, Lucy the Dog made life very miserable for our friend/housesitter.  She slept the first night, to lull him into thinking everything would be juuuust fine.  That was the end of sleep for him.  She whined and cried and drove him batty for the next two weeks.  Poor guy slept on the couch to avoid her.  So when we got home, I was prepared to suffer through retraining Lucy to sleep in her kennel quietly.  But she fooled us!  She goes to bed happily every night, and doesn't make a sound until she hears the kids get up around 7!  Woo hoo!  Sleep, here I come!!

Not so fast....Scipio the Cat, who has always been the most docile, peaceful, quiet kitty, is killing the sleep.  He goes outside at night, which is fine, but instead of coming home in the morning, when he sees Lucy out for a morning walk, he is coming home at 4:30.  Or 5:00, if he's having fun out there.  He stands under our window, and howls at the backdoor.  Howls and wails like only an anguished cat on a mission can do.  The first night, the kids got up and let him in.  Last night, I got up and opened the door to a wet, loud kitty.  It would be fine if he just came in and went to curl up on his kitty house.  But no.  He wants to come snuggle in bed with me, and show off to Lucy that "Ha!  Look at me, all up on the bed!  With the people!  While you, poor loser, are in your kennel!"  Naturally, Lucy has things to say about this state.  Things like "Nobody loooooves me!!!  Poooooor meeee!" etc.
This morning, I thought it might be all okay.  Scipio was in, and curled up on the bed.  Lucy had muttered about the unfairness, but had tucked her nose back into her bed, convinced that I really wasn't getting up.  Sigh.  Maybe, just maybe, sleep would return.
No.  No sleep.  At that moment, Hubby decided to sing.  Yes, sing.  Other people talk in their sleep.  My husband sings.  Well, sometimes he giggles, but this morning it was music time.  Happy, happy tune.
Know what makes a dog think it's time to wake up?  Hmmmm???  SINGING.
All this to say, I miss sleep.

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koreen (aka: winn) said...

Oh my! I can't even imagine! Singing in one's sleep? That's a killer.

You can feel sorry for my husband. I kick. Rhythmically. Persistently. Poor guy. :D