Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Medicine woes

Over the summer I (with my doctor's advice and support, of course!) decided to lower my antidepressant dose. We had plenty of reasons to think this was a good idea.  I STILL think it was a good idea.  But the reality is not so great.  I am not feeling perky.  I cried for hours yesterday, for no apparent reason.  I've been foul, cranky, and miserable.  I'm really hoping that my sunlamp will help with all of this.  Now that it's fall, I'm back to sitting in front of the light, soaking in the happy thoughts every morning.
If my current mood wasn't enough, I also just found out that my pills have been found to cause possibly fatal heart arrhythmia.  THAT'S not good!  So I'll probably be changing types.  Arghhh!!!  Any advice?  Things to be wary of?  Certain meds that have worked well for you?  Personally, I'm looking for a magic pill that will make my mood soar, my fat melt away, and my body morph into a Victoria Secret's dream.  Also, I'd like to be paid $1000 every day that I take the pill.  Any ideas?!


koreen (aka: winn) said...

Um, sounds like a dream pill. I'll take those too, if you ever find them.

I actually found something that worked for me, got me off my sleeping pills and anxiety pills and dropped 20+ pounds. I feel great and have more energy. Does that sell you? Message me and I'll tell you all about it. P.S. It doesn't cost anything.

juli233 said...

wellbutrin has rescued me~