Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Boy Terror makes me nervous.

It's no secret that Boy Terror is a bit.....odd.  Different.  Unique!  That's a better word.  He's unique.  This is the list I found yesterday on my grocery list pad (spelling is NOT his specialty):

full grocery bags   8
swich'es                29
pet's                     82
dog toy's              9
stocking's             15
door's                  16
dish'es                  231

After I stopped twitching (I'm an English teacher by training.  The misuse of the apostrophe killed several of my brain cells) I asked a few clarifying questions.
Apparently, we do have 29 light switches in the house.  The 82 pets boggled me, until he reminded me about the Tryops.  I guess there are 80???  I asked him if he really did count all the dishes, but he just estimated.  And then, assuming there were plenty of other things in the house, he doubled his biggest number and declared "There are 462 things in this house!"

Is it time to call a professional yet????

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Carole said...

Your English spelling skills may not have rubbed off on him, but you may well have a mathematician on your hands!