Sunday, January 01, 2012

Moving on.

I wanted to be all profound and stuff, but my brain is not co-operating.  Good news!  Fawn, over at Fawnahareo's Place, gave me a great idea.  By that I mean I'm totally copying her "Year in Review" post.  Thanks, Fawn!!
The first sentence of the first post from each month:

January:  Hmmmm....I was actually gone from blogging until May.  So let's start there!
May:  Hmmm....lately I've found myself composing blog entries in my head.  Perhaps it's time to come back.
June:  I went to a retirement party for a fellow teacher last night, and it was great.
July:  It is summer vacation, and I would like to be sleeping.
August:  We went camping last week, and it was a blast.
September:  Girl Terror and I were looking for something to watch on TV the other evening.
October:  Communicating with a seven year old boy.
November:  You know how just don't do something, thinking you will do it later?
December:  Apparently there is a very good reason why I should NOT be allowed to interact with the general public.

You know, Fawn's list was far more interesting.  I obviously need to work on my opening lines, and maybe it's time to find INTERESTING things to write about!


koreen (aka: winn) said...

LOL! Funny idea.

I was going to do it here in the comments, but it got too long and I started to commentate on my commentary. It's messy.

Fawn said...

I always find your posts interesting!

After doing this Year in Review post last year, though, I realized I needed to make more of an effort on my opening lines. LOL I didn't follow my own advice every time, but at least I thought about it. :)

Here's to another year, with as much blogging as fits into our busy lives!