Tuesday, January 17, 2012


At 4:00 am Hubby got up to pee.  Not a problem, except the animals assumed it was MORNING!  TIME TO RISE AND SHINE!!  and proceeded to make sure I was awake.  I finally gave in just before 5 and rolled out of bed. 
I love my pets, honestly.  So I hugged them, and kissed them, gave them breakfast, sent the bouncy dog out to pee, and started the coffee.
Around 5:30 I realized I hadn't seen the dog in awhile.  Scipio the cat was curled up on a heating vent, but Lucy the dog was nowhere to be seen.
I went downstairs looking for her, and found that evil creature all curled up UNDER A BLANKET on the couch.  Sound asleep.  Having succeeded in getting me out of bed, she felt her job was done and she was resting up for the busy day of sleeping ahead. 

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