Monday, February 27, 2012

Students: Not so helpful

I asked my students to give me ideas for a topic, since I haven't written anything in ages.  Here are their ideas:
1.   Planking.
2.  Why is that student so french?
3.  Why is that other kid so LOUD?
4.  ......and the students are done helping.

Please help me!  Give me a topic!!


YukonMommy said...

How about
1. My amazing friend Buffy ;)
2. stupid people (not to be confused with #1)
3. Why baileys in your coffee is perfectly acceptable at 8am.
4. Husbands can be such babies (can be combined with idea #2)
5. inlaws, better known as outlaws should have warning labels.

hhmmmmm can you see how my morning has been going?? lol

Fawn said...

1. What do you fear?
2. Songs that represent themes from different times in your life.
3. Best vacation spot ever.
4. Why is February so frantic?
5. Go-to quick-fix dinner recipe.
6. The most romantic moment of your life. (That is fit for public consumption, of course.)
7. Things your kids say.
8. Things your students say.
9. What have you been reading lately?

koreen (aka: winn) said...

What IS planking? Anywhoo....

1. How much winter sucks.
2. Where I'd live if I could.
3. When IS the perfect time to start drinking wine. (It's always 5 o'clock somewhere.)
4. Drinking helps banish winter blues.

And that's all I got. You sense a theme???

juli233 said...

spring break plans and then if/when you accomplish them?

plans for the summer

things in the news?