Monday, March 05, 2012


Hmmmm....Hubby pointed out some very interesting things in my post.  Please don't tell anyone I'm an English teacher!  I thought I'd go through with my red pen and do some editing.

Thanks for all the ideas!  In answer to Fawn:

What do I fear?
I usually think of myself as strong, powerful, and unstoppable.  Then I start listing my fears and phobias, and I realize I am a bit of a wimp.
Spiders, the dark, sharks, small confined areas, suffocating, and heights are normal enough fears.  And I have them all.  Oh, and snakes. <=This is not a sentence.  It is a sentence fragment.  Snakes are bad.  So what else makes my heart stop?
The idea that something has happened to my children terrifies me.  When they were babies I checked on them constantly to make sure they were breathing.  Now, I try to not think about all the dangers they face every day, Do I not think every day, or is it the dangers "every day"?  What exactly is "every day" referring to? or I'd lose my mind. Hyperbole.  
I don't like planes or ferries, because both of them connect a few of the "basic" Why is this in italics?   fears.  Small spaces, heights (in the plane)Heights are in the plane?  Really?  That seems unlikely. and sharks (when the plane crashes).  I am a DELIGHT to travel with!!

It might be easier to list things I am NOT afraid of.
I have absolutely no problem talking to strangers.  In my world, there are no strangers. Hmmmm.  Don't you live on the same planet as the rest of us?  There are strangers.  By definition, there are strangers.  I chat with people in line at the store.  I strike up conversations on the street.  I will chatter with just about anyone.
I am not at all afraid of mice or other small creatures.  I have eaten all sorts of odd things, and I'm not shy about trying new things. Oh my.  There are so many things gone wrong here.  What kind of paragraph goes from "mice or other small creatures" to "I have eaten..."  Have I eaten the mice?  And as for trying new things, am I eating new things?  Are the bears etc waiting to be eaten ??  Did my FIL teach me to eat those foods, or to not feed them??   Bears, moose, and other wildlife are simply friends waiting for a snack. (Yes, I know better.  My father in law taught me well.)
I think I'm fairly normal in my fears.  I admit, some of them are a bit extreme.  For example, I'm not just scared of sharks.  I worry about sharks in lakes, ponds, and rivers. I really shouldn't worry about those sharks.  If they are surviving in such odd places, they don't need my concern.   I've even kept an eye out for them in the pool.
Tell me....what are YOU afraid of??


Fawn said...

Hey, English teacher. Didn't anyone ever tell you that writing for effect requires colloquialisms that might not be acceptable in an English essay? Conveying and attitude or mood sometimes means sentence fragments are required. Who talks in complete sentences at all times? No one. (Sentence fragment) And (conjunction starting a sentence) a blog post is so much more a conversation than an essay. Usually. So there.

Fears: failure, disappointing others, not being liked... It seems I'm pretty pathetic when it comes to self-affirmation. Perhaps that need for third-party validation is one of the things that attracts me to performing? Yikes.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I am deathly afraid of moths! If one flutters by within 10 feet I am in tears.

And a few of those same fears that Fawn has. I am always worried about disappointing others and find it hard to say no to people even when I am stretched thin.

I am exactly the same as you when it comes to strangers! I absolutely love talking to people. How the heck do you teach your kids about that whole stranger danger thing when their parents are talking to everyone!?

dogsled_stacie said...

I'm afraid of my dogs bringing me dead things.

I can't believe Kara is afraid of MOTHS, LOL!!!

It's funny, the fears we have. I'm more afraid of my stupid imagination than anything, like when I think of zombies or a pack of wolves stalking me and the dogs on a night walk... *shudder*

I watch a scary movie and think of all the evil things ready to pounce on me outside the cabin.

I don't really like strangers either... I concoct a crazy story about them in my head and then go out of my way to avoid them. OMG, thanks for helping me see how messed up I am!!! :)