Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A simple thanks

Teaching is supposed to be rewarding, in a deep and meaningful way.  And yes, some days it is.  There are times when I feel completely satisfied with my job.  A lesson has gone well, the students are engaged and excited, and all the planets are aligned.  Other days, it feels like I'm banging my head on the floor and the students are watching with apathy.  Nothing works.  It's all boring and dull and a waste of time. 
Yesterday I got a much needed boost.  A parent sent me a simple thank you card, and a gift, just to say "thanks".  I've taught both kids from their family.  I've written reference letters, I've spent time outside of school, and I've met with both parents and teens to talk about their future plans.  None of this is unusual, except this time, they said "Thank you".  These parents have expressed appreciation before.  The kids have both thanked me for time and letters.  But they wrote me a card yesterday that was specific and full of gratitude, not just for what I've done but for the influence I've apparently had. 
That little note has made all the difference.  Today, I'm feeling optimistic.  I have great ideas for my students, and I believe they will love the things I have planned.  Today, a parent said thank you and it made me want to do an even better job.


Carole said...

How thoughtful. I received an "thank you" e-mail a couple of times this year from one of my students' parents, and like you, it made all the difference.

Roy (your uncle in NS said...

We do what we do out of wanting to make a difference. We we are thanked, it is like icing on the cake.

Fawn said...

How wonderful! And what a great reminder to us all that a simple gesture can mean so much.