Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This morning I woke up to four inches of snow.  It's still coming down.  Yes, it's apparently above 0, but still....
If I ruled the world (and the weather is included in that, of course) the seasons would appear when they are supposed to.  Winter would be from November 20th to February 2nd.  Spring lasts until May 15th.  Summer does not even consider ditching until August 30th. 

If I ruled the world, things would be different, I swear!


MaryP said...

My seasons would be:
Spring: Feb 1 - June 1
Summer: June 2 - Sept 15
Fall: Sept 16 - Dec 15
Winter: Dec 16 - Jan 31

I'd have acceptable temperature ranges for the seasons, too. (All temperatures in Celcius, of course.)
Spring: 3 - 22
Summer: 23 - 27 (could go as high as 30 with low humidity)
Fall: 3 - 22
Winter: -15 to -3

You'll note I don't allow temps between -3 and 3. That's because you feel the damp so horribly when the temperatures hover around freezing. I'd rather 5 below than 2 above, most days. Also, only 6 weeks of winter.

Ah, to dream...

Fawn said...

Here's the song I immediately thought of: If I Ruled the World from Camelot.