Saturday, October 20, 2012

Remember the 80's??

The students were doing their best to get me off topic on Friday afternoon.  After a lively discussion about the differences between teens today and my memories from high school, they wanted to know what I do NOT miss from the 80's.
Ahhhhh......we had some very unique ideas back then, didn't we?!!  Let's stroll down memory lane...

Glamour shots:

Remember these? It was SUCH FUN to go to mall (or if you were uber classy, a private studio) and get all dolled up.  Layer upon layer of makeup, a bottle and a half of hair spray, and we were STUNNING.  Giant ropes of pearls were often used to make the whole image "sexy".  Bare shoulders were required.  I don't know about the rest of you, but my Glamour Shot is safely tucked away in a locked drawer, waiting to be used in psychological warfare sometime in the future.  "Tell us the truth, or we will do THIS to you!!"

The hair:

Nobody ran their fingers through their hair in the 80's.  You would have lost your hand forever.  I had the best bangs, combined with the sides blown straight out from my ears.  My crush had to hold his head tilted to the side so his hair wouldn't succumb to gravity.  It was swooped right from his left ear over his head to the right. Cool.

The clothes:

Hammer pants.  Acid wash.  Shoulder pads the NFL could be jealous of.  Add to that the legwarmers, aerobics uniforms, and sweatbands, and you have a florescent mess of polyester.

The music:

Actually, I miss a lot of the music.  Not Tiffany or Debbie, mind you, but Depeche Mode will never get old.  Right?  Right?!!!

Tell me:  What do YOU miss from the 80's?  What are you hoping to never see again???


Fawn said...

Yeah the "wave" bangs can stay the hell away. But the Glamour Shots my sister and I did were awesome. My sister was 13 and looked at least 19. Scary stuff!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I miss the side pony-tail. And neon.

dogsled_stacie said...

Side ponytail Kara, LOL!!! I think you should bring it back to life.

I do not miss the hair, or the ridiculously large shirts we used to wear. Leg warmers were functional but ugly as hell. Hm, maybe those should make a comeback in the Yukon!???

Crystal M said...

I miss having sock that colour coordinated with all of my shirts. And you could always see the socks because you either had your pants tucked into them or rolled up tight around your ankles!

Carole said...

I remember the neons and fluorescents, Kara, and that's one thing that can stay in the 80s, thank you very much. And do leggins look good on anyone? Really...
Oh, and I almost forgot the rat tails. No only the tails, but the fact that they were dyed a different colour from your hair colour. Ewe. I don't miss much from the 80s.

AverageMom said...

I loved my hair. My bangs were gravity-defying feats of engineering! I do not miss rat tails though!
And Crystal...who are you trying to fool?? I KNOW you still match your socks to your shirts! Hee hee!!

Fawn said...

OMG, stumbled across this post again today. I'm laughing at Carole's comment about leggings. Also, legwarmers. :D