Saturday, October 13, 2012

STFU parents response.

The author of STFU Parents has entertained me for over a year now.  Recently she decided to go public with her "real" identity, and for some reason half the civilized world lost it's collective mind.  Turns out Blair HAS NO CHILDREN.  Omg.  Say it isn't so.  She has no children!!!  And she dares to laugh at parents who overshare on public media!!!  I had no idea that everyone had to fully experience something before they could have an opinion on it.  I should not be able to write about Princess Kate making a topless mistake, since I have never been a princess, and nobody has ever wanted to take my picture topless.  You can not possibly be annoyed by anything unless you've been there, done that.  Wow....

Actually, what I wanted to talk about even more than that asshattery was the huge number of comments Blair got saying something along the lines of "MY CHILDREN R MY WORLD, SO SHUT UP!"  Really?  Your world?  Your whole, entire world?
I have children.  Two, in fact.  I love and adore them to pieces.  They are certainly a very important part of my life, but I'm willing to say they are not my entire world.  I had a life before kids, I will have a life after they move out, and even while they take up 99% of my time and energy, I still have other things in my life.  I think it's healthy to have interests other than your spawn.  It's okay to do things without them.  Your entire identity should not be based on them, because that's not fair to you OR them!  That's a lot of pressure on a little person, to be responsible for an adult's whole reason for existing!  If you want your child to grow up to be an independent, well developed human you have to show by example just what that looks like!
I want the Terrors to someday leave me.  (Okay, the mere idea makes me sob silently, but you know what I mean.)  I want them to feel comfortable with themselves, and to be able to survive without me.  I want them to be able to say "My mom is awesome" and list ways I rock OTHER than my parenting.

If Blair ever does choose to have children, I think she should strongly consider sending poop pictures to all the people who are screaming at her now.  They deserve it.


SSTyrner said...

Lol! You are a funny parent. I saw her on the TV the other day, and, she made it clear that she is not opposed to the idea of having children, she just isn't ready yet (which is a sentiment I can totally relate to...). I think her STFU blog is rad. You should have one too! :)

ps: *duchess

Carole said...

So, so, so well said!

Carole said...

I went over to have a look at her site. She recently posted screenshots about some of the insanely negative comments people have made. She says, "I’m pretty unaffected by the comments," which is because as an adult who's developed a sense of self-worth and confidence, she also developed a thick skin and can laugh the comments off. What is sickening and disturbing about this whole thing is that these comments are from other ADULTS...WHO HAVE CHILDREN OF THEIR OWN!

Now, let's move to the Amanda Todd case. Imagine comments in the same vein (actually we don't have to imagine), but directed toward a young girl who hasn't developed this thick skin yet. It is sad how much of this BS young people endure. And again, the most disturbing part is that some of these kids' parents are no better.

What is this world coming to?