Tuesday, March 05, 2013

My daughter, my heart.

This afternoon Girl Terror and I went puttering around town.  When we are without the boys, we like to smoosh as much girl-ness as possible into the day.  We went to Bella Home Decor, which is one of our favourite places on earth.  The fact that I made it out of there with spending every penny I have is a miracle.  We were also shopping for baking supplies.  For lunch, I said we should try something new and different (she wanted sushi), so we stopped in at Burnt Toast Cafe, which is a fabulous little eatery.
As we were discussing the baking plans, she asked me what the bake sale is for.  After all, we were planning a 3 day baking extravaganza!  I explained that I am going on a trip to Toronto in May, with some students.  We are going to OUTshine, a summit of gay and lesbian youth and their allies.  It will be nothing short of amazing!  Girl Terror asked a few more questions, specifically about the straight part of the Gay Straight Alliance.  When I told her we are there to support our friends, and prevent the bullying that is a huge part of being a GLBTQ teen, she said "People need to be TAUGHT to act that way?!"
I looked across the table at her.  She was happily eating potato leek soup (which she ordered on her own), being polite, charming, and excellent company.  She was perfectly comfortable chatting with the waitress about the focaccia bread.  Somehow she managed to make a pink flowery head band go very well with her pink camo batman shirt.  She was beautiful, smart, and funny.  And mine.  My daughter. I often wonder how I managed to get so lucky.
We came home and baked.  We made rainbow cookies, heart cookies, and flower cookies.  We counted how much profit we might get at the sale.  And she told me we need to make more goodies, to sell to more students, so we can teach even more people how to act toward each other.
I am so very, very lucky.


Fawn said...

Gah! You made me cry.

Thank you for sharing such a special moment, and special young lady.

Anonymous said...

SO proud to know this little girl with such a big heart. Now if only more adults would follow her example! Great Work Mama, you are raising one hell of a future adult!!

Crystal M said...

It must be the genes! I seem to have lucked out with my kids too. Or maybe luck has nothing to do with it. Maybe its the fact that you are present in her life to give her direction and spend time with her and teach her what being a good person means through your actions, AND she's an amazing girl!

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Aww, what a sweetie. I'm glad I met her. And you. :)