Friday, June 14, 2013

Elementary school teachers = HEROES

Boy Terror is now officially done grade 3, and Girl Terror is headed into grade 6.  I feel old.  But mostly, I feel grateful for their teachers.
Mr. Super Teacher has been Boy Terror's hero this year.  He took the class canoeing.  He played with them, taught them all the important stuff, and put up with an amazing level of crazy.  Mr. ST took the entire class canoeing.  CANOEING.  On the WATER.  Picture yourself on a beautiful summer day, floating in the calm water.  Your canoe rocks gently.  The birds are singing.  The sun is shining.  Ahhhhh.  Now toss twenty nine-year-olds at your head.  Fun!!!  Entertain them!  Feed them!  Don't let them drown!!!  Two days after the canoeing, the class went on an overnight camping trip.  I did not go.  You couldn't pay me enough to do that.  They went swimming, hiking, and pond exploring.  They ate and played and slept (Ha!  They did not sleep!) in tents.  For those of you not in the education system, let me make this clear.  Mr. ST was not paid for this overtime.  He was not required to do it.  He chose to organize and participate these trips, because he genuinely loves his job and his students.  Also, I think he might be slightly insane.  Seriously.  The man does a head check for lice on 20 wiggly children regularly.  He deals with small boys, who have just discovered the joys of "writing in the snow" with pee, and girls who are prone to crying every time someone sits in the "wrong" seat.  He blows noses, cleans up puke, listens to butt jokes, and still manages to teach my son to breathe deeply when his indoor shoes go missing (not missing.  Just moved 6 inches to the left).  In between all that, he covers the curriculum in such a fabulous way that the kids have no idea they are learning.  Boy Terror is full of interesting information and knowledge, and Mr. ST is the reason.  

If you were hired as a babysitter for $10/hour, and only got paid for 5 hours of time, you would make $50/day.  Multiply that by 20 kids, and you would get  $1000/day.  ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.  Every day.  Mr. ST does not make that kind of money, I assure you.  But not only did he look after my child all day, he gave him the skills to solve that math problem, in his head.  Thank you, Mr. Super Teacher, for everything!

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