Friday, June 28, 2013

Wednesday woes

On Wednesday, I had the BEST day.  A group of us went to the beach (YAY!).  I took Boy Terror to his last piano lesson of the year (Yay!) and I ran into someone I haven't seen in a long time (nice!).  All in all, a great and wonderful day.  Then I came home, and as I was washing my face (step 1 of 37 in a fight against aging) I saw something...weird.  Poking out of my forehead.  There was a random grey hair, two inches long, sticking out of my FOREHEAD.
With closer inspection, I found 6 more of these crazy things, each between 1/2 inch and 2 inches long.   All grey, all poker straight, and all in my forehead.

What. The. Hell.

In what world is it okay for hair to just choose random, previously hair-free areas to sprout?  Is this another part of aging that nobody told me about?  I do not have time to inspect my forehead every few hours to make sure I'm not turning into a werewolf.  This is not part of my daily routine.  I do not enjoy looking in the mirror and thinking "Wow.  Did I look like THAT all day??"

Someday, I'm going to run into Pierce/Anderson/Johnny and they are totally going to be thinking "Yep, she's nice, but man, her FOREHEAD SURE IS HAIRY."

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Fawn said...

Hey, I get random wiry hairs in previously hair-free places, too. Hair is just sneaky that way...