Thursday, September 23, 2004

my little nose miner

My daughter is a charming, beautiful little girl. I adore her. However, she has just repulsed me beyond belief. When she goes down for a nap, one of her favorite activities is booger harvesting. I have tried telling her to stop, I have tried telling her how gross it is, and lately I've tried just ignoring it, telling myself that it's something all little kids do at one time or another. Then today, when I was making her bed, I noticed a suspicious line of little dark spots on the wall. "What's all that?" I asked her, already pretty sure I wasn't going to like this. "Boogers!!!" She was so proud of her snot. The white wall seemed like a perfectly good place to keep her new friends! What a little booger.


Jenny said...

Eeeeew! But also, hahahaha.

At least she hasn't been eating them, like my charming, beautiful children.

Linda said...

This seems like one of those gross things that many little kids do. I guess your little girl might just be taking it one step further with her "collecting." Possible museum curator of the future?

Great blog; I'm really enjoying reading it!

Elizabeth said...

I mean ... ewwwwwwww
Great post, but EWWWWWWW
I am so.grossed.out.
And loving your blog

Tammy said...

Thank you guys!!! I LOVE seeing that people are reading my blog, it just makes my day!