Thursday, January 20, 2005

A request!!!

I feel so loved!! Someone (Kristine The Amazing) actually wants to know something about me!! So for her...
Why do I live in the Yukon? How did I get here? Well, I was in college in Alberta when I met Hubby. He was born and raised here. After we got married, we went to South Korea for 15 months. When we left Korea, we came here and stayed with his family. I agreed to stay in the Yukon for 2 years, give it a try, and see if I liked it. That was 7 years ago! We are in this particular community because this is where Hubby was offered a teaching job. It's an unwritten rule that teachers put in 3 years of time in a small community, and then they might be moved into the city. While this is a beautiful spot, I can't wait to return to "civilization". Bear in mind that my "city" has about 20 000 people in it. No real mall, 2 small theaters, and a LOT of bars. In fact, the Yukon has the highest number of bars per capita in North America (I have to get Hubby to confirm that, but I think I got it right). In the summer, I love it. But it's only summer for a day or two.... we would like to move, and will eventually, but right now it's too hard to walk away from a good job. So here I am, in the frozen north!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering, I was really interested to know that! "It's only summer for a day or two.." ? LOL. Plus, you get those northern lights.--How far south of you do they see those?