Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pollyanna lives here.

You're supposed to find the bright spot in every cloud, right? Okay....
- We could have all gotten the flu at once, instead of Girl Terror Thursday and Saturday night, me on Sunday and Monday, Hubby on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Boy Terror on Tuesday.
- It could still be -30 outside. Now it's up around 0, and I am tickled pink!
- Hubby could have a job that wouldn't understand his need to stay home when I have been up all night cleaning pukey babies.
- By "losing" my work, or shutting down every once in awhile, the computer is forcing me to refresh my typing skills. "The lazy dog jumped over the red fox...." or whatever the drill was.
- The power going out randomly means I am using far less electricity! I won't have such a big bill this month!
- By wishing my friend Happy Birthday on Feb 2, I proved that I am with-it! on top of the calender! ahead of the game! Her birthday is Feb 12. Now I don't have to worry about forgetting it!
I think that is about all the freakin' cheeriness I can muster up right now. I better go do my Mary Poopins routine and clean the house.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Wanted to let you know that I am back... on a different blog... We are located at

Start at the beginning and you will figure out where I went to...


Christine said...

Well, at least you can see the bright side! (It's a rare moment in my life when my glass is half full. :)

I hope you all are feeling better now, and things are back to "normal".

Michele said...

See, there IS a bright side! Stopping by to say hello and to add you to my blogroll.

Keep smiling!