Saturday, February 12, 2005

rant to a waiter

Last night we decided to eat in a "real" restaurant before grocery shopping. Hubby is still feeling a bit flu-ish, and burgers weren't on his menu. Usually my Terrors are really good at eating out. We go to a "family" restaurant, chosen because it is loud, busy, and our kids just blend right in with the decor. Girl Terror colors, and plays, and as long as we pay a bit of attention to her she's fine. Boy Terror just gazes around happily, and eats whatever I brought him. Anyway. Our waiter last night had to be going for some kind of "Sucky service" award. Just a tip, in case you are a waiter: Never, ever, EVER, forget to bring the 2 year old's meal with everyone else's. Don't even imagine that she will be happy to wait for her food. And when you bring it, finally, try to bring what was ordered. A very hot plate of fries, so hot that she can't touch them, is not the same thing as chicken. Maybe fries come WITH the chicken pieces. When I point out to you that the chicken is absent, the wrong thing to say is "Nuggets? I didn't hear that. I just heard "fries". I'll go order the nuggets." To give Girl Terror credit, she dealt with it very well. She ate pieces from our plates, and seemed okay with her food arriving when she was already full from eating Daddy's supper. I, on the other hand, was feeling rather snippy. Hubby didn't get drink refills, my food to go (I timed Boy Terror's dinner incorrectly, so I got to hold him instead of eating) was packaged.....well, the hot sandwich and the cold salad were put together in a foil container. Mmmm. Warm, limp spinach salad. At least we didn't feel guilty not tipping.


Anonymous said...

Man! What a dummy of a waiter! :(

Christine said...

Oh I hate that! This stupid waiter probably had the nerve to wonder why he didn't get a tip, too.

What ever happened to customer service?!?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the service WE got on Saturday. There really was no excuse because the place we went to wasn't busy. It was only lunchtime too! Sorry you had such sucky service.