Thursday, August 11, 2005

Terror at the pool

Either I am a wimp, or Girl Terror is really brave. We went to the swimming pool on Tuesday. It's a great pool, with a big water slide, a couple little toddler slides, a nice wading section, and a really cool "river". Girl Terror and I went down the big water slide together. Usually her daddy takes her, but I wanted some fun time with her, so off we went.
After a loooong hike up the stairs (when you have to plant both feet firmly on each and every step it can take awhile) we were ready to fly. I sat down, and put her on my lap. I assured her I would hug her the whole way down, no worries, don't be scared, and all that. She was all "Ready, Mummy? Let's go!!!" while I was hanging on the sides for dear life, trying to convince her we'd be okay.
They say if you sit up, you slow down on a water slide. HA! I sat bolt upright, squeezing my child to my chest, the entire ride. We did NOT slow down. Not a bit. I don't know how fast we zoomed past the walls, because my eyes were shut as tight as I could get them. I don't know if she laughed, or yelled, or anything on the way down. I couldn't hear a thing over the shrill screams of terror that seemed to be following me.
When we got to the bottom, she clambered out, saying "That was fun!! What a great slide!!" Once my legs stopped wobbling, Hubby had a turn on the slide with the Fearless One, and I took Boy Terror to the wading pool area. I felt safer there, where I could sit on the bottom of the shallow pool and hang on to his floaty thing.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Little kids never understand the dangerous things adults will do to spread some amusement around. (Warning: your back flip days are over....)

peebugg said...

Well just be glad you didn't get a water slide wedggie on the way down. They are impossible to fix in public.

Don't let her on the cannon ball slide. I did when my oldest was 5 and he almost went past the pool.

Summer is great!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG tammie LOL. that post made me laugh to tears. I took my son on that slide only once, he wont go anymore!! I think he was about 18 months or so, and He was stiff and terrified the whole way down I was trying to tell him in his ear that it was ok but he probably didn't hear me. He screamed the whole way and still to this day if you ask him if he want to go he gets a wide eyed look of terror and yells NO! too funny !