Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

I hate Halloween. I despise everything about it. I don't like horror movies. Anything at all to do with demons or the supernatural makes me uncomfortable. I have issues with teaching our kids to disguise themselves to go ask strangers for candy. I never got to go trick-or-treating as a child, and I understood why my parents didn't celebrate Halloween. So, why did I spend part of this weekend sewing (by hand) a princess skirt for Girl Terror? Kids change everything. Suddenly, I see the fun in dressing up. I understand the thrill of getting treats. I realize how sad she would feel to be left out tonight. So after dark, I will brave the goblins, and I will walk around the neighborhood with a little purple princess. It will make her happy, and most days, that's all I want.


Kristine said...

Hope you guys had fun! I love Halloween, myself, and spent the night bummed that Andrea's too old for it now. :P

OldHorsetailSnake said...

The only night of the year it is safe to ignore Momma because Momma knows that's what she's supposed to be.

debby said...

Now that my kids are big, I miss that trick or treating so much. Hope you had a great time!