Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Not a good day.

 It's been an eventful day here.  The good news is,
we are all okay. Yesterday, I was driving
Girl Terror to her afternoon preschool. She goes once a
week. On the way into town, we went off the road.
It was icy, so I was going slow, but we went around a
corner and lost traction. We went in, and then out
of, a big ditch, and up into the trees. Like I said,
we are fine. Not a single scratch. The kids didn't
even realize what was happening. When we finally
stopped, Girl Terror asked "Why you stop, Mummy?" and the
best I could think of was "Because there is a tree in
the way!" There is a huge difference having an
accident with your children in the car. That's all I
could think of, was "please let my babies be okay." I
was pretty much over the seat into the back to check
on them before the car stopped moving. I didn't care
about the car, just that the kids were okay, and not
scared. Two nice men stopped, and together we got the
car back to the road. I was close enough to town that
it didn't make sense to turn around, so we went in. I
left the kids with my friend Wendy, and took the car to be
checked out. The outside of the car looks fine, but the
underneath is a squashed up mess.
It shrank about 3 inches, and wrecked the radiator
and possibly bent the frame. I don't know what else.
We are going to a place tomorrow to find out and see
about fixing it. The guy at who looked at it estimated
around $2000. He might as well have said $10,000.
I still can't believe we are okay. The car is not,
but it's just a thing, not a person. Nothing has ever
scared me so much as hitting the snow in that ditch,
with the kids in the backseat.
That's pretty much enough excitement for me for at
least a month, but I'm sure there will be more. Right
now, for example, I have to go do 3 loads of laundry!
What could be more exciting than that?!


me said...

Wow, that is pretty scary. Glad you are all OK though. Like you said the car is just that a car, a thing....unimportant compared to your children.
Hope it doesn't cost too much to fix though.
Take Care and don't bother with the laundry just now (like you said you have had far too much excitement already!) justgo and put your feet up and have a cuppa! (British solution for
Ivoryfrog x

J&J's Mom said...

Oh I don't know..maybe a root canal? Glad you all are okay..such a surreal experience isn't it? Not often you can feel that out of control and have everything turn out fine...Thank God for small favors. Go snuggle with your babies and a cup of hot cocoa by the fire. You're's just a car.

Laine Morgan said...

Oh, that must have been terrifying for you. I'm glad you are all okay, and glad your kids weren't traumatized by the event!

Raehan said...

Glad you are all safe.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

That's too bad, Mom. Misfortune is no fun. Once I was driving in the snow and the car decided to do a 180-degree turn. Fortunately no other cars were around. Since it made no difference to get where I was going, what with various turns I would have to make, I drove south instead of north. Glad you're okay.

debby said...

That is way past scary. Thank God that you and the kids are all okay. Like everyone lse said, it is JUST a car. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Like you said: The good news is you're all okay. That's always the best, most important thing!

Anonymous said...

What a scary moment. But like a good Mommy you were on the ball and had a good answer for your kidling. Wow! Thankfully you ALL are okay. The car? It can be fixed. You all? Priceless!

Lisa said...

How terrifying for you. :(

So glad that you're all alright and that no other vehicle was involved.